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LepreCon 28 Participant Bios (Page 3)

First page Participant Bios
Second page Participant Bios

Participant Bios (page 3)

Eric Rochas

" " Eric comes to us highly recommended for his expertise with web-publishing products. This is Eric's first appearance at a Phoenix area convention


Mark Siegel

" " Mark Siegel is a writer. He claims to have a PhD in English, but swears he no longer practices this hideous and painful form of mind control. A veteran of the publishing world, former owner/founder of Blue Sky Press, Mark is also one of the local writers published by Mike McCollum's 3M Press. Mark has written 12 nonfiction books and multitudes of articles. Among his recent work you may find a true murder book and a large handful of SF stories.


Sharolyn Slaker

" " Sharolyn is best known among Phoenix fandom for her patient teaching skills and her expert artistry with Tri-Chem fabric paints. Her workshops and demonstrations at recent conventions have been very well received..


Ken St. Andre


" " Ken St. Andre is a writer of games and game-related short stories. He has also partaken of articles, essays, book reviews, etc., but only socially. A writer and publisher of gaming material since 1973, Ken is a member of SFWA and the Academy of Gaming Critics.


Kevin Standlee

Co chair for the 2002 WorldCon (ConJose), Kevin Standlee is a partner and the database expert for MorganEnergy, a consultancy company specialising in information about deregulated energy markets. He is a contributing author to Mike Resnick's anthology Alternate WorldCons and is known among fandom for his extensive involvement in everything from con-running to fanzines.


Gene Steinberg


" " Gene Steinberg discovered the magic of writing while still a teenager. He edited his own science fiction and New Age fanzine, and with his son Grayson, has written a science fiction novel. Since then, Gene has worked as a radio broadcaster and a technology journalist. He has written 21 books on computers and the Internet, plus hundreds of articles for such industry publications as MacAddict, MacHome, MacUser and Macworld. He also writes a weekly column, Mac Reality Check for The Arizona Republic's azcentral.com Web site, and is regular contributor to CNET.com.


Grayson Steinberg


" " Teenaged Grayson Steinberg is a published author, an actor and a musician. His proud dad tells us that Grayson is also a stock market wizard in his spare time, and recently completed a stint as a financial columnist for Green Magazine, a popular investor-oriented resource.


Paul Tanton


" " Paul Tanton is known to Phoenix area fandom for his involvement with convention programming and with gaming. He was a contributor to the great success of Live Action Pokemon and also plays and runs a number of other RPGs.


Kit Townsend

" " Kit Townsend - is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writer's Workshop. She was co-founder of a writer's group for semi-professional writers and a founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Forum. Formerly a regular RPG player, she still spends a lot of time creating new characters, worlds, and adventures, although these creations go into fiction now days. Costuming is another creative outlet for her, with costumes ranging from no-sew designs to historical to equestrian costumes for mounted parade groups. In the real world, she worked for thirteen years as the SF/F/H buyer for Books, Etc., an independently owned general bookstore in Tempe. She now is the chief "computer fixer-upper" and library assistant at McClintock High School in Tempe. She also professionally breeds Appaloosa sporthorses, and trains everything from sucklings to adult horses in a variety of disciplines, but mostly concentrates on hunter and dressage. She has three dogs (but fosters one out), two cats and is responsible for almost two dozen horses (most of which are for sale) on a ranch near Gila Bend, AZ.


James Van Pelt


James Van Pelt writes and teaches in western Colorado. During the school year he teaches English at both Fruita Monument High School and Mesa State College. His fiction has been included in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Asimov's, Realms of Fantasy, and Weird Tales, while his non-fiction work has appeared in Tangent magazine. A 1999 finalist for the John W. Campbell Award,. John has seen several of his stories recommended for Nebula and Stoker awards, including two pieces that made the preliminary Nebula ballot. Both Datlow and Windlings The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction have also given honorable mentions to James. Most importantly to him, his wife Tammy, and three children, Dylan, Samuel and Joshua, think he tells a pretty good bed-time story.


Larry Vela


Larry Vela is a custom painter first known for his work on motorcycles, planes, trucks, then people, and anything that doesn't run away. His keen interest in movie production and all of the arts that are connected with it - such as creation of costumes and props, filming, directing, editing and animation, have led Larry and his associates to form The Velavision Video Group, who produce LepreCon's at-con video newsreels. Larry's notable flat art works include Illusion, Casseiopia, Roadwarrior, and Athena.


John Vornholt


After spending 20 years as a freelance writer (writing mostly non-fiction), John Vornholt turned to book publishing in 1989. Drawing upon the good will generated by an earlier non-fiction book he had written for Simon & Schuster, John secured a contract to write Masks, number seven in the Star Trek: The Next Generation book series. Masks was the first of the numbered Next Generation books to make the New York Times bestseller list and was reprinted three times in the first month. Although John has only been writing books seriously since 1989, he has written and sold more than 30 books, for both adults and children.


Ray Vukcevich


" " Ray Vukcevich's first novel was "The Man of Maybe a Half Dozen Faces" from St. Martin's Press and his collection called WELCOME TO THE MOON ROOMl came out in 2001. His short fiction has appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov's, Rosebud, Aboriginal, Pulphouse, Talebones, The Urbanite, and several anthologies including "Twists of the Tale," "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" (Twelfth Annual Collection), and both volumes of "Imagination Fully Dilated." He also works as a research programmer for psychologists at a couple of university brain trusts.


Ron Walker


" " Ron Walker is a motion picture producer/ director / cinematographer with credits that include 'DaJa Vu' - a30 minute film, and 'Experiments':A Tale of UFO's" which is currently in production . Producing the full gamut from commercials, through industrials, to entertainment, Ron Walker Productions has won awards from such prestigious organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, an Emmy, several Addys, and was a Cleo finalist. http://www.kittymcd.com/LepreCon/partipics/RonWalker2002-90x117.jpg


Karen Wallo

" " Karen Wallo, proprietor of Art from the Inner Self, has been featured in various galleries. Her credits include Dimensions, Song of the SPheres, Olympus Mons, and more. Karen professes that she channels her art from deep levels of being and does not look at anything as she creates because it all comes from the soul.


Catherine Wells


Catherine, author of 5 novels and several short stories, enjoys filking and is also a playwright with numerous production credits. She has also done extensive research on the real King Macbeth, who she says got a bum rap from English historians.


John Wheeler


John Wheeler, local "Video Room Programming Guy" since the early 1990's, has branched out into professional facepainting. His credits including Tempe Snow Day 2001, The Phoenix Children's Hospital Grand Opening Celebration (April 2002), Creation Con, Gallifrey One, the Harris Elementary School Carnival and more. Says John: " I love to Facepaint" and he will have a "Studio" in his room near the Consuite all weekend!


Lee Whiteside


Lee Whiteside is our local SFTV guru with the long running SF Tube Talk column in ConNotations, The Magrathea/SFTV Web Page (www.sftv.org) and associated mailing lists. Chair of LepreCon 28, Lee is a software Engineer/Lan Administrator in his spare time.


Randall Whitlock


Randall Whitlock is a registered geologist, and has worked mainly in meteoritics, education, and environmental assessment. He is also a semi-professional costumer and pattern designer. As an author, Randall has written articles on science, costume, and humor.


David Williams

" " Dr. Dave Williams is a member of the research faculty in the Department of Geology at Arizona State University. He has a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Alabama. His research specialty is volcanology and planetary geology. He works on NASA's Galileo mission processing and analyzing images of Jupiter's moons Io and Europa. He is also a member of the UFP (United Federation of Phoenix.) He is a big SF fan enjoying Star Wars and X-files, and he has a wide-ranging knowledge of all the Star Trek shows.


Mike Willmoth

" " Mike is an integral part of the programming team for this convention. He enjoys helping organize and run conventions. His hobbies include amateur astronomy and ham radio operation. Punster extraordinaire, he can cripple at 20 paces.


John Wright


" " An up and coming new author, John Wright is an attorney and newspaperman who retired from a lucrative field to follow his dream of being a writer. His new novel, published in April by TOR SF and Fantasy, is THE GOLDEN AGE.


Veronica Ann Zabala


Veronica Ann Zabala, a student at ASU's Planetary Geology Department is a recipient of the NASA Space Grant. She is involved with all aspects of investigation of aeolian dynamics of the planet Mars and how these affect the surface structure. Her research will aid in the choice of futures landing sites on the Red Planet for both robotic and manned missions.



First page Participant Bios
Second page Participant Bios