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Participant Bios (page 2)

Mark Greenawalt


Mark Greenawalt is an award winning artist who has evolved to painting on living canvases. From liquid latex swimsuits to air-brushed murals, Greenawalt blurs the boundaries between art and photography as an accomplished bodypainter. His final images are more than documentation snapshots of what he painted, but rather professionally composed photographs of beautiful models whose surroundings compliment their painted skin. The photograph, after all, is the final product once the bodypainting has long since washed away. Mark's work has been featured in numerous magazines, on television, and at live demonstrations for various art groups. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he now makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona.


Hugh S. Gregory

Professionally an avid Space Flight Historian, he has worked as an Engineers' Surveyor and an Industrial Paramedic/E.M.T (Industrial Ambulance Officer). On the side he manages his own Occupational Health and Safety Program consulting service, lectures in local schools on spaceflight history and astronomy, and owns and operates the H.R. MacMillian Planetarium's Affiliated educational BBS service "SpaceBase"(tm), source of the 8 "SB-" prefixed space news conferences available world wide on over 5,000 FidoNet BBS's. On weekends he's a private pilot, amateur astronomer, cricket umpire, and enjoys hiking in the Rockies with his wife Anne. He's produced (and sells) videos on "Voyager at Neptune", "The Gas Planets", "SSTO - The DC-X", "Soviet Space Disasters" and "The Flight Of Buran". His slide/video shows have appeared at Conventions across North America, Europe and Australia. http://www.kittymcd.com/LepreCon/partipics/HughGregory2002-90x110.jpg Barbara Biggs


Emily Hogan

" " Emily Devenport Hogan's short fiction has appeared in Asimov's SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award. She enjoys studying many different fields including history, neurology, psychology and mythology and is secretly Maggy Thomas. Maggy Thomas, champion of justice, former officer with the Department of Corrections, is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice (really!). Broken Time is her first novel (but Em's seventh, which is kind of cheating, but what the hell, in this business you need every advantage you can hustle).


Ernest Hogan

" " Author and artist, Ernest Hogan has done stories, articles, reviews, cartoons, illustrations, and covers in a number of science fiction magazines. Mr. Hogan's 'Obsidian Harvest' (co-written with Rick Cook) was included in Analog April 2000 and recommended for the Hugo award and also published in Gardner Dozois Year's Best Science Fiction anthology. 'The Rise And Fall Of Paco Cohen And The Mariachis Of Mars' appeared in Analog April 2001. Ben Bova has recommended this work for the Nebula award.


Carol Johnson

" " Carol Johnson is known for her skills with Tri Chem fabric painting and is always ready to share her know-how with the fans at LepreCon.


Louise Kleba

Louise is a senior systems engineer and a member of the Vehicle Integration Test Team, a small group of individuals who represent the astronaut flight crews at the Kennedy Space Center. This team follows the day-to-day hardware activities for the Alpha space station and other space-bound objects (HST, hitchhikers, etc.). Louise has a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and recently completed her MS in Technical Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Among her hobbies is: reading, dancing, travel, and collecting memorabilia from films and television, flightsuits from film/TV and the armed forces, and space paraphenalia.


Jagi Lamplighter

" " Jagi Lamplighter, wife of author John Wright, is known not only for her short stories but also for her coverage of Anime for a number of publications and webzines. They are residents of Virginia.


Jacqueline Lichtenberg


With 18 SF novels, 13 SF short stories, and Star Trek Lives! plus over 6 years of the SF/F review column in The Monthly Aspectarian Jacqueline Lichtenberg, the founder of Star Trek Welcommittee, is still Trekking with her unique combination of science fiction and non-horror Occult writing. Besides STAR TREK LIVES! she has a current nonfiction book on the Tarot titled 'Never Cross a Palm With Silver' as well as a Vampire short story in the Speculation Press anthology HEAVEN AND HELL titled 'Vampire's Friend' - released in January of this year. It's a humorous story with a Kabbalistic twist that takes place on Yom Kippur Jacqueline is co-founder of Sime~Gen Inc. with Jean Lorrah, and together they have launched the WorldCrafters Guild, the free online school of Professional Writing.


Daryl Mallett


" " Daryl F. Mallett splits his time between the Phoenix metropolitan area, Southern California, Minnesota, and the rest of the world. His greatest joy in life is spending time with his girlfriend, his son Jake, and his two gorgeous Huskies, Fen and Kia, followed by visiting with friends, traveling, reading and writing...most of which he accomplishes through his involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


Don Markstein


" " Don makes his living as a writer and editor. In 1981, Don and his wife, GiGi Dane, founded Apatoons, a cooperative publication which has, in the years since, featured the work of some of animation's top commentators. He edited Comics Revue, a monthly anthology of newspaper comics, from 1984-87, and 1992-96. In 1992, he edited A Prince Valiant Companion, which, among other things, summarized the princely adventurer's entire career in Sunday comics from 1937-80. In 1994, he edited Hot Tips from Top Comics Creators, a compendium of wisdom about how to make comics, distilled from hundreds of interviews in Comics Interview magazine. In 1999, he started writing Don Markstein's Toonopedia™, a project he expects to work on for the rest of his life. Part of the reason is to share some of the information he's gathered. But it also works as an excuse to play with toons.


Henry Melton


" " Taking advantage of the downturn in the semiconductor industry, computer programmer/systems analyst Henry Melton has welcomed the chance to quit the life in a cubicle and spend more time writing. With a number of credits to his name, such as New Pathways, Cities in Space, Christmas Stars and a number of articles in publications such as Analog and Byte, this author still finds it a mental stretch to declare his sole job is being a writer. He confides that the hardest thing about being a writer full time is to actually write full time.


Fernando Molinari

Fernando Molinari is an artist and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work encompasses science fiction, fantasy, horror, commercial art as well as a special Jazz Art Gallery that has seen major exhibition in Argentina. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 19 of 1963. Fernando is self taught. He acts as illustrator, plastic artist and professor of graphic and plastic arts. He has carried out diverse covers and special works for such companies as the editorial Planet, Atlantis, Continent, Emecé, Alfaguara, Aguilar, among others. Also, for magazine Conozca más, agency Casares Flock, theater Metropolitan, etc. Their exhibitions are sometimes accompanied by television and graphic presentations that show the development of their technique and backstage work.


Wayne Myers

" " Wayne has been involved with Phoenix area fandom for several years, as program staff, gaming director and volunteer at various conventions, but is best known for his infamous Live Action Pokemon game. By day he does computer tech support for Arizona Dept of Transportation.


Rusty Neal

Rusty, a software test engineer by day, has written a couple of games in the SF genre, and has playtested many more. Included among his game design credits are Highway 2000 boardgame, parts of the Dr. Who RPG and solo rules for Superhero 44. Rusty is known to local fandom for running numerous LARPs at Valley conventions and for his assistance with programming; also as a long-time performer at the Arizona Renaissance Festival where he portrays Lord Russell the Exchequer. Rusty reads alot of science fiction, plays a number of SF&F RPGs and computer games. Rusty is best known among his friends for watching (and recording) all the SF&F series and movies on TV.


Adam Niswander


Adam Niswander is a science fiction (SF), fantasy, horror, young adult, and mystery & thriller writer from Phoenix Arizona. He is the author of: the Shaman Cycle novels - The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, and The Hound Hunters - (Published by Integra Press ; Frank Wagner, Publisher,) as well as The Sand Dwellers, (Published by Fedogan and Bremer, Philip Rahman, Publisher) and The Repository, (Published by Meisha Merlin Publishing, Stephen Pagel, Publisher.) Other hats he has worn include those of book dealer (Adam's Bookstore on ABE.com), former president (14 terms) of The Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society (CASFS), CASFS Board, frequent guest at science fiction conventions and member of both SFWA and HWA.


Gerald Nordley


" " Gerald David Nordley is an author of many talents! His recent fiction credits include 'Burdens' (short story, Artemis, Spring 2001) and After the Vikings (story collection, Scorpius, 2001), while a few of his many non-fiction credits encompass such titles as 'Medical Care in Space,' (article with Dr. Henry Stratmann, Analog, May 1998) 'Beamriders,' (article, Analog, July/Aug 1999), and 'Mars-Earth Rapid Interplanetary Tether Transport' (refereed paper with Dr. R.L.Forward, AIAA/JPP 2001). He has organized and taught writing workshops. as well as written and published one filk -- a memorial song for the late Poul Anderson.


Deborah Peacock

" " Debbie Peacock is a Certified Hypnotherapist and member of both the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnosis and also of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is the owner/operator of Debbie's Place Hypnotherapy for Women located in Glendale, and was trained at the New Beginnings Center of Arizona. Because Certification requires continuing education yearly, Debbie has been trained in such various disciplines as healing allergies, healing cancers, past life regression, multiple induction methods, stage production and much more. Together with Michael Bucy she conducts seminars to help people stop smoking, loose weight, practice self-hypnosis or just learn to relax. Debbie has been a life long Science Fiction and Fantasy fan and has been attending Arizona conventions with her family and friends since 1986.


Richard Porter


" " Richard Porter grew up attending our own Phoenix area conventions. He took his enthusiasm for gaming and computers with him into the Navy, and now he returns to us from the Naval Post-graduate School in Monterrey CA to share his expertise in computer security.


Cary Riall

" " Cary Riall is a technical writer whose works primarily involve various tomes of a dry and technical nature, concerned with moving large chunks of meat-filled metal through the skies above your head. (Keep 'em up there, Cary.)



First page Participant Bios
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