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  LepreCon 28 Participant Bios
 LepreCon 28 GoH & Participant Bios

Artist Guest of Honor:
Monte Moore


Monte M. Moore was born in 1971 to loving supportive parents, preceded by 3 older brothers. At age 16 he decided not to become a doctor, but decided instead to be an artist -- quite the career swing! Monte attended Colorado State University to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Much of this higher education was subsidized through Art Scholarships, Awards and Grants. 1993 saw his entry into the comic book field through the kind assistance of several good friends. Monte says that he finds his most enjoyable fields of endeavor have been in Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Gaming and Comic Books. A popular artist, Monte's varied work has included many magazines, comics, and collectible card games. He was awarded best Black & White artwork at the 2001 World Fantasy Convention (for the second time). His work includes Magic: The Gathering and Harry Potter collectible card games, Dragon Magazine, RetroVision, Dungeons & Dragons manuals, Chaos Comics, Harris Comics, Gypsy Press Comics, and more.


Author Guest of Honor:
Peter David



Peter David is the creator of many works in books, comics, television, and film,. Novels such as Q-Squared, Imzadi, Vendetta, The Star Trek: New Frontier novels, Knight Life, Sir Apropos of Nothing, and Howling Mad. Comics include The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl, Young Justice, Captain Marvel, The Haunted. Scripts for Babylon 5, Crusade, Oblivion I & II, & co-creator of Space Cases.


Local Artist Guest of Honor:
James Reade


James Reade - is the founder of RipRoarin' Comics, publisher of Marked by the Beast and Blood and Sunder. His other talents include drawing caricatures, creating airbrushed Tshirts and more. Credits include Doctor What, Torg, Marked by the Beast, Blood and Sunder, The Eternal Soldier, Big Bertha, The Side Hill Muckets, and Troley Man. Check out his RipRoarin' Comics webpage for many samples of his art.


Music Guests of Honor:
Jeff & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff



Jeff Bohnhoff works for a major international music software company where he has handled everything from the servers to managing customer service. He met Maya Kathryn when he joined the rock band Talisman in which she was a member. Maya is a published author of science fiction and fantasy novels as well as an accomplished software designer and engineer. Watch for her upcoming Book 2 of the Magic Time Trilogy with Marc Scott Zicree.



Participant Bios

Lubov ---


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she took her first steps in art while studying techniques of Russian and European painters in the Nevsky School of Art. In 1980 she emigrated to the U.S.A. where she continued her education, accepted at The School of Art Institute of Chicago with a full four-year scholarship. Since she became involved with science fiction, fantasy and horror fandom, she has won widespread acclaim for her richly colorful pieces. She has won Art Show awards at the 1992, 93, 95 and 96 World Science Fiction Conventions and won the Best Professional Artist Award at the 1997 World Horror Convention. She was Artist Guest of Honor at LepreCon 26 and has since moved to the Phoenix area. Some of her artwork can bee seen online at http://www.hollywoodcomics.com/lubov.html


David Ayres


David Ayres is a professional movie make-up EFX Artist whose myriad professional credits include such movies as Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Buck Rogers, Battlestar: Galactica, The Hills Have Eyes, Mrs. Doubtfire, Empire Of The Ants (he sculpted and helped fabricate giant 6 foot ants). Having been Make-up Director for Rawhide's Halloween Ghostown 2001 and 2002, and also been involved with The New Hollowell's Haunted Hotel for Ghostown 2002, David is currently the class Instructor for Movie Make-up Magic's Prosthetic Class: Make-A-Face and The Advanced Class. He is also author of a How To Make Latex Masks manual.


Barry Bard

" " Normally ebullient and enthusiastic, Barry Bard is silent about his accomplishments and contribution to fandom in Arizona and around the world. He brings us an overflowing freebee table and movie previews and much more. If (who are we kidding when) you stop by his dealer's table he always seems to have just what you are looking for. We hope he knows just how much he is appreciated by AZ fandom!


Christine Beaucage


" " David and Christine Beaucage are a "pair o' docs." The paradox is that, though each of them has an earned Ph.D. in mathematics, and they both had interesting and productive careers in computers and aerospace, they are now happily involved in literary endeavors. Christine has begun a Taste and See series. The first two Taste and See books are currently available, as is a short-short, Taste and See -- A Fourth Bible Tale for the Third Millennium, based on Torah! Torah! Torah! / Three Bible Tales for the Third Millennium, by Thomas M. Disch. This short-short appears on a flyer that is available at LepreCon. Under the auspices of Paraclete Publishing, the pair o' docs has worked with other authors, helping them to get published, or self-publish if appropriate. They are also the leaders of a service called The Rec Room, and have traveled to LepreCon in their Winnebago, affectionately known as the Rolling Rec Room (R**3, or R-cubed).


David Beaucage


" " Author of The Shiloh Project and a member of the SFWA, David is also the leader of the Christian writer's critique group, Holy Scrollers. He has been a computer professional since 1959 and spends his free time designing web pages and writing films, his current project being the as-yet-untitled sequel to The Shiloh Project. Both books are time travel adventures.


Billy Bishop

" " Bill Bishop, an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Arizona, and currently a member of the Velavision team, is also known in Phoenix area fandom for his involvement in playing, running and writing roleplaying games as well as conventon programming.


Michael Bucy


" " Michael Bucy is a Certified Hypnotherapist, member of not only the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnosis but also the National Guild of Hypnotists. Michael is the founder of the Dreams Unlimited Center presently located in Glendale Arizona. Trained at the New Beginnings Center of Arizona and also a graduate of the Silva Method of hypnotherap,. Michael has maintained his yearly certification while studying such various disciplines as healing allergies, healing cancers, past life regression, multiple induction methods, stage production and much more. With Debbie Peacock, Michael conducts seminars to help people stop smoking, loose weight, practice self-hypnosis or just learn to relax.


Frances Burns

" " Frances Burns is a past president of the Southwest Costumers Guild and a long-time seamstress and costumer. Among Phoenix fandom she is known for her involvement with the Masquerades and convention programming.


Mike Cassidy

" " Mike has been attending conventions since the first one he attended at the Del Webb tower in the middle of Phoenix in 1976. He is a former Marine ( OORAH !!!) who rebuilds carburetors blindfolded, builds computers with out using instruction manuals and makes scale models with such excruciating detail that most people cry out "You MUST be CRAZY!". Mike currently spends most of his days maintaining and repairing equipment that tests little pieces of silicon impregnated with various kinds of metal oxides for a major multinational company. He has been seen recently at the Velavision corporate office at "The Big Building Plaza" in Dyptheria, AZ in high level talks with the Velavision board of directors.


David B Coe


David B. Coe is the author of the LonTobyn Chronicle, a fantasy trilogy consisting of Children of Amarid, The Outlanders, and Eagle- Sage. His most recent novel, Rules of Ascension, book I of his Winds of the Forelands tetralogy has just been released by Tor. The second volume, Seeds of Betrayal, is scheduled for publication in May 2003. In March 1999 David received the Crawford Fantasy Award, given annually by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts to the best new author in fantasy. His books have been translated into Dutch and German, and will soon be released in Russian and Czechoslovakian. He has a Ph.D. in history from Stanford University. He lives in Sewanee, Tennessee with his wife, Nancy J. Berner, a biology professor at the Univerity of the South, their daughters, Alex and Erin, and Buddy, the Wonder Dog.


Dave Davies

" " Dave Davies does special effects for television commercials and movies as well as 3D computer animation, art and stories for comics, and once ran a costume mask shop called Creature Features. His credits include the movie "Nightfall", commercials for Merrill Lynch and others, haunted houses everywhere from the AZ State Fair in 1974 to Rawhide in 2000, and even a full-scale Warner Brothers musical production that was never released. He is currently working on "The New Adventures of Torg the Gunfighter" for Rip Roar'n Comics.


Janeen DeBoard (O'Kerry)


" " Janeen Deboard is a writer whose nom de plume is Janeen O'Kerry. Her books are all published by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). Her credits include Sister of the Moon and Spirit of the Mist. Look for them in the Romance genre in spite of their time travel/magic elements.


Doranna Durgin


" " Doranna Durgin spent her childhood filling notebooks first with stories and art, and then with novels. After obtaining a degree in wildlife illustration and environmental education, she spent a number of years deep in the Appalachian Mountains. When she emerged, it was as a writer who found herself irrevocably tied to the natural world and its creatures. Dun Lady's Jess, Doranna's first published fantasy novel, received the 1995 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall award for the best first book in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. When she's not writing, Doranna runs a fiction critique service and builds web pages for authors.


Bruce Farr

" " Bruce is known for convention running. He has worked on over 100 conventions in the last 20 years, Chaired NASFiC, World Fantasy Con and others. He is a collector of SF, Fantasy and horror and has edited SF fan magazines. He is an accountant/CPA and enjoys SF films.


Maryeileen Flanagan

" " Maryeileen Flanagan began costuming at the tender age of eight when she attempted to make a paper mache' horse for her jockey "character" to ride on Halloween. Since then she has advanced to costuming live horses and their riders as part of the "Once Upon a Time" and "Life of the Party "parade groups. After this fourth generation native Tempean graduated from Texas A&M with a BA/BS in English (and a minor in genetics) she entered the work force as a professional costume designer for the ASU Department of Dance. Her accomplishments and experience are diverse: author of several articles, poems and photographs published in various places (mostly horse magazines); she has been an English teacher at Tempe High School; has volunteered as programming chairman for several local cons as well as a World Fantasy Con and has helped facilitate several local "semi-pro" writers' groups. In her "copious amounts of spare time" she breeds Appaloosa and Walkaloosa horses using applied genetics and, with the help of her non-contractor friends, built a house/ranch near Gila Bend where she lives with three dogs, twenty (or so) horses, and the occassional overnight visit from her friends.


Wolf Forrest

Art, Lit, Media

" " Wolf has been a contributor to such diverse publications as CINEFANTASTIQUE, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE, The Asheville Citizen, and the Washington Post, as well as having been a featured artist at Denvention 2 and Balticon. He edited a tabloid-sized fantasy fanzine called St. Toad's Journal which received an entry in the International Science Fiction yearbook in 1979. Wolf has also worked with LepreCon28's Local Artist Guest of Honor James Reade on several comic books and parodies, and am currently putting together a collection of stories called "Never in Paradise". Having been interested in films since he was seven, Wolf boasts a HUGE film collection, but adds, "This is a sick obsession, and I need to get a life."


Adrienne Foster


Fiction has been Adrienne Foster's favorite creative pastime since she was teenager. She has participated in writers' workshops on and off since 1983, and has coordinated the writers' workshops for seven genre conventions, including four World Science Fiction Conventions (a.k.a. Worldcons). In fact, Adrienne is coordinating the writer's workshop for Worldcon 60 in 2002. (For more information, go to this page of the ConJosé website: http://www.conjose.org/Program/workshops.html ) Some of the professional participants for past workshops have included S. M. Stirling, Barry Longyear, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and David Brin. Currently marketing her first novel, a gothic mystery, she is simultaneously working on a second -- an Elizabethan fantasy. Aside from crafting fiction, Adrienne's other great interests include ghost folklore and British history. Says Adrienne, "I love good movies and my all-time favorite TV show is THE AVENGERS, but I "religiously" watch EASTENDERS, too. At present, I make my living in technical publications. I have two white cats, Pudgy and Spot. I like my onions cooked and celery raw."


Laura Freas


" " Executive Director of Kelly Freas Studios, Laura is also a cover artist and interior illustrator for major science fiction publications. Her credits range from TSR's Dungeons & Dragons, 1992 Arms & Equipment Guide to the frontispiece of Andre Norton's Brother to Shadows.


Jean Goddin

" " Well known for her involvement in running conventions, Jean is a computer programmer and web developer who is also an online moderator for 2 services. She co-chaired the World Horror Conventions of 1994 and 1998, both held in Phoenix. Along with Doreen Webbert, Jean is co-compiler of Fantasy Cookbook: The Favorite Recipes of Your Favorite Fantasy Authors published by the 1991 World Fantasy Convention. Calling herself a "certifiable info - junkie," Jean enjoys research of everything, as well as cats, travel and the internet.


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